Grayduck Health is a technology-driven healthcare marketing agency — where personalized engagement drives conversion.

Looking to drive sustainable behavior change with patients, clinicians, or other healthcare roles? We can help.


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Create a better path

Enhancing outcomes for patients and providers starts with connection. We use strategic insights and technology to establish and sustain it.

Right message, at the right moment, via the right channel

Backed by meaningful insights, data and a full suite of marketing services, our fully configurable, automated ReadyPath™ software platform empowers patients to make the right decisions with personalized messaging, all along their care pathway. 

Marketing Strategy + Services

Our team is comprised of expert healthcare marketers with cross-functional industry experience. You’ll have access to our full suite of capabilities which includes strategy, dynamic creative, tactical execution, reporting and analytics.

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ReadyPath Solution

Powered by a robust, rules-based decision platform, our ReadyPath™ software empowers you to align your customer experience and marketing strategy in one highly configurable environment. The result? Targeted and timely messages, more meaningful connections and sustained behavioral change.

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We know healthcare.

We know and understand the highly regulated environment. And we’re grateful for our partnerships with innovative healthcare organizations.

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Our Approach

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Define your audience

We apply behavioral science to design unique care paths and meaningful journeys for patients and providers.

Find the friction

We help you locate roadblocks in the healthcare journey and deliver evidence-based solutions to overcome them.

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Deliver across channels

Our configurable technology gives you more flexibility and control to drive targeted messages to specific audiences.


How does Grayduck Health achieve better results?

Find out how a fortune-100 medical device manufacturer improved direct-to-patient communications and increased patient conversions with our ReadyPath technology.


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Patient Activation — the best kind of self help

There are a lot of buzz words out there when it comes to engaging with your patients. Discover the Grayduck Health point-of-view on what it means to truly activate patients.


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We begin where you need us most.

Whether you are just getting started or you’re looking to refresh and expand, or you just want a partner that can do it all. Are you ready to get started?

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