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Full-Scale Healthcare Marketing Services

Grayduck Health provides strategic and creative solutions and our highly configurable, HIPAA-compliant ReadyPath technology.

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Illuminate (strategy)

In close partnership with you and your team, we’ll identify the problem you need to solve and define smart, scalable solutions that drive measurable action at every step of the audience journey. Simply put, we create bottom-line business results through innovative thinking and expert solution development.

  • Brand strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Engagement planning
  • Channel planning
  • Communications planning
  • Digital strategy
  • UX strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Positioning
  • Audience segmentation
  • Journey development

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Illustrate (creative services)

Informed by industry insights and behavioral science, our team of visionary storytellers blends art and science with in-depth healthcare expertise to create bold, breakthrough messages that connect, empathize, and drive action. In other words, we’ll inspire your audience to engage with your brand across all channels.

  • Ideation & concepting
  • Messaging direction
  • Copywriting
  • Creative design
  • UI design
  • Brand evolution
  • Style guides
  • Identity systems
  • Logo design
  • Typography

Execution icon

Initiate (execution)

From tactical execution to reporting and analytics, we bring solutions to life while remaining agnostic in our use of technology. We simply use the right
tool for the right job.

  • Websites
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • SMS
  • Video/animation
  • Interactive displays
  • Digital ads
  • Sales tools
  • Marketing collateral
  • Print production
  • API integrations
  • Database architecture
  • Data management
  • Custom reporting
  • Communication deployment

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Influence (Paid Media + Digital Advertising)

Relying on organic content alone can leave gaps in how you reach your audience. Paid media efficiently connects your healthcare product or service to customers, using granular targeting via keywords, interests, online activity, and 1st party data.

As a leader in patient journey and healthcare advertising, we rely on a research-based and data-driven approach to maximize your ROI and clinician and patient engagement. Our healthcare media team uses industry expertise to develop in-depth strategies specific to your measurable goals. We create the best media mix with paid search, display, video, social media and more to target, reach and convert your audience.

Grayduck Health’s Configurable Technology: ReadyPath™


For targeted, personalized marketing, you have the option to integrate ReadyPath™ into your campaign management. With ReadyPath, you’ll deliver the right communications to your audience at exactly the right time—at any point along the care path.


Explore ReadyPath™

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Configurable technology

Our highly configurable, HIPAA-compliant decision engine can be implemented and scaled quickly, with the ability to seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack, or act as a stand-alone system.

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Data Unification

ReadyPath connects to data from multiple disparate sources and provides a unified view to track and measure program and user activity from end to end and adjust where needed.

Automation icon

Automated data hygiene

It compiles this data, performs data hygiene in real time, and processes it to build customer segments, while its flexible, metadata-based rules monitor,
track and manage your customer journeys.

Secure icon

Secure and compliant

ReadyPath has a robust security framework, consisting of policies, procedures, and standards geared to protect the availability, integrity, security, and confidentiality of your customer’s data. It ensures your communications remain HIPAA-compliant at every step your customer takes along the care path.

Test your design’s effectiveness


If you’re looking to optimize your own team’s creative work or to take advantage of behavioral science in your marketing department, we have tools and resources to help you.

SC Health™ uses the combination of behavioral science and marketing expertise to predict the success of your communications. You receive results in just 48 hours, along with expert recommendations to take your creative to the next level.


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