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Heartland Dental had an urgent need to increase applicants for hard-to-fill doctor and hygienist roles across the country. Yet their existing digital-only recruitment efforts were incurring high costs per lead while returning low-qualified prospects. They needed to drive down costs per lead, increase lead quality, and build a stronger talent pipeline — all while their recruitment efforts were already well underway.


Grayduck Health quickly uncovered the deeper recruitment challenge: improving lead quality while reducing costs per lead would require more than digital tactics. What the Heartland Dental recruitment strategy truly needed was a hybrid approach, combining a targeted, personalized digital experience with a seamlessly integrated human touch.


In less than 2 months, Grayduck Health implemented, trained, and managed a Contact Center team without requiring Heartland to add staff. At the same time, we planned and executed a deeply targeted, personalized, multi-channel recruitment campaign driving candidates to the Contact Center, with detailed tracking, measurement and reporting capabilities. This hybrid approach moved candidates seamlessly from a highly relevant digital experience to a personally engaged human interaction that qualified each lead and moved them to the next step— whether that was speaking to a recruiter, applying online, or being added to an email list for future opportunities.

Maximizing lead quality for the nation’s top dental service organization

Helping Heartland Dental break through barriers in a challenging recruitment market

Heartland creative examples

Hygienist Postcard + Social


Example of social post for Heartland

Hygienist Email


Heartland example email

Doctor Direct Mail

Doctor direct mail examples



Near real-time reporting:

In just a few weeks, Heartland Dental could track leads by role, type of lead, leads per market, and cost per lead. This allowed the Contact Center and the Heartland Dental recruitment team to monitor campaign success in real time, change course as needed, and refocus efforts in target areas with high engagement.


Lower costs, higher quality:

The Contact Center, combined with a personalized email campaign and a carefully-targeted paid social strategy, led to higher quality leads with a significantly lower cost per lead than a digital-only approach.


Employer of Choice:

This hybrid approach resulted in a highly engaged and nurtured candidate pool and has positioned Heartland Dental as an employer of choice, building qualified leads into their current recruitment stream while establishing an active pipeline for their future recruiting efforts.



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