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BioSig and their proprietary technology were relatively unknown in the medical technology industry. They needed to build a unified corporate brand message that not only reflects who they are and how they have evolved as an organization, but that clearly and accurately communicates and promotes their break-through technology, PURE EP, to their key audiences.


In order to establish a consistent and cohesive brand identity, BioSig needed to course correct from a “bioelectric medicine ” brand focused solely on an investor audience to a “digital signal processing ” company dedicated to electrophysiologists and health system decision-makers.


Grayduck conducted industry research and physician interviews to inform and create a brand identity matrix, which serves as the foundation for a BioSig ’ s brand story. Centered around the brand promise, the matrix includes all fundamental elements for effective brand building and storytelling, including corporate mission and vision, brand voice and tone, key audience personas and messaging, and a buyer journey for PURE EP.

Going forward, the brand identity matrix will serve as the BioSig ’ s source of truth for developing internal and external creative executions, including brand guidelines, onboarding materials, corporate website, product brochures, print ads and more.


Brand identity matrix solution

Logo Design

BioSig logo

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines examples

Corporate Stationary


Corporate stationary work

PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint template examples




Before working with Grayduck, BioSig lacked a clear go-to-market messaging strategy for their company as well as their break-through PURE EP technology. Now they have a clear and focused framework to strategically engage and inspire their key audiences and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.


The BioSig brand identity matrix empowers them to clearly and consistently communicate who they are, what they do, and who they serve to the audiences that matter most. Since partnering with Grayduck, BioSig has developed a clear, competitive edge and a sharper brand image. The company is now positioned to hire and retain employees to further their mission, introduce PURE EP to key audiences and make a lasting impact in the medical technology industry.



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