Patient-focused innovation is vital to the success of any healthcare organization. Knowing the needs of your prospective patients and creating solutions based on a profound understanding of who they are is a major key to unlocking growth.

It’s no secret that the medical device and healthcare industries have become more competitive in an increasingly crowded marketplace. To break through the glut of endless options, it’s imperative to hyper-focus on the needs, wants, fears, and challenges of your target market. To remain on the forefront of patient-focused innovation, consider the following approaches within your organization:


1. Invite Collaboration

Teamwork makes the dream work. Working together and collaborating is a key component in patient-focused innovation. Collaborating with partners both inside and outside of your organization is an effective way of finding fresh ideas. A pool of diverse perspectives, skills, and experiences paves the path for more out-of-the-box thinking, creating new opportunities for growth.


2. Listen and Learn Continuously

Everything revolves around your prospective patient. Knowing and understanding their challenges and how your organization can play a role in improving their quality of life is paramount to growth. Whether you’re hosting a quiz/survey on your website, an online chat function, a form fill, or a customer care phone number, triangulate the data collected to understand who your prospect is and what they’re looking for. How can your product or service offer meet an unmet need? How is your current offering falling short? And most importantly: how can this data inform and inspire innovation?

3. Leverage Feedback to the Fullest

Constructive feedback is another major factor in becoming a patient-focused organization. Organizations that prioritize and focus on feedback magnify the patient’s voice and create an overall better experience. Some Medtech companies, for example, have created interfaces for their devices that allow for data sharing between patients and clinicians. If a patient has chosen to share their information more broadly, this data can inform further advancements in product innovation and optimization.

As organizations prioritize patient-focused innovation, it is important to listen to and value your target market as a trusted source of innovation. Use these three tips to leverage relationships both inside and outside of your organization, as well as to build trust and loyalty, to help fuel your organization’s growth.


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