The Future of Healthcare Marketing: How AI Will Change the Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the word on every marketer’s lip, and for good reason. AI technology is revolutionizing nearly every aspect of the industry, including creating engaging experiences. Healthcare marketers now have a new tool in their arsenal for elevated and personalized patient care.

AI has already made a significant impact on the healthcare industry. In the future, it is expected to play an even greater role in how and when marketers engage with patients.


Use Cases for AI in Healthcare Marketing

AI Powered Chatbots
Chatbots have proven to be a powerful way to enhance virtual patient experiences. In today’s world, patients expect fast and convenient solutions. Chatbots allow for efficient navigation and assistance.

This tool is made to simulate a human conversation by pulling from a large information bank, making responses faster and more accurate. The benefits of utilizing AI chatbots include reduced time and money, 24/7 availability, and improved satisfaction. Recent data shows that chatbots are favored over website forms by 86%.


Northwell Health System has rolled out AI Chatbots for enhanced patient engagement.

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Targeted & Personalized Marketing
Providers can use AI to tailor marketing messages to individual patients. By using AI’s sophisticated analysis capabilities, AI can develop a clear picture of a patient’s health status and engagement behaviors.

Personalized messages allow providers to reach specific patients with valuable information via email, patient portals, social media, etc. Patients are met with reminders, advice, and resources when and where they need them. Personalized marketing creates a more engaging experience and improves patient care.


Marketing Metrics
AI presents opportunities for marketing optimization. This has a huge effect on marketing metrics and ultimately marketing effectiveness. Website content, email personalization, and even graphics can all be advanced with AI generators and tools. This results in quick turnaround, search engine optimization (SEO), and improved engagement.

Key marketing metrics, like email open rate (OR), return on investment (ROI), and click-through rate (CTR) can all be elevated with the use of AI…not to mention increased customer experience satisfaction.


Virtua Health uses a targeted social media advertisement.

A Colonoscopy Could Save Your Life Meta ad styled in the 90's


As AI continues to develop, it is likely to have an even greater impact on healthcare marketing. There are, however, a few key concerns surrounding the ethics and reliability of AI use in healthcare, such as patient anonymity, data privacy and accuracy, and biases.

However, it is clear that AI is here to stay. Healthcare marketers who harness its power are well-positioned for success in the future.




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