We are exposed to upwards of 4,000 brand messages a day, making it difficult for organizations to distinguish themselves. In the healthcare world specifically, brand identity is critical in capturing the right patients and building trust.

This is easier said than done. Healthcare can be a sensitive topic, making it difficult to establish a personality that connects with patients. Naturally, many miss the mark and may be perceived as generic or one-dimensional.

Read on to discover the potential for healthcare companies that leverage a brand voice.


Why Brand Voice Matters

People trust people. We are hardwired to make connections and innately favor human characteristics. While not human, brands can capture a human touch and emulate this in patient messaging.

A brand voice has the power to convey emotions, capture attention, and build patient trust. It’s not enough for a healthcare organization to market products and services, patients should feel that they have a true confidant and partner invested in their health.


Components of a Brand Voice

Character: The character of your brand voice is your brand personified. If your brand was a person, who would they be?

Purpose: Purpose is established by the mission and goals of your organization. What are you trying to say and why?

Language: Language is the words used to get a point across. What kind of vocabulary does your brand’s character have?

Tone: The tone of your brand is situational. While your voice is always the same, your brand can take on different moods based on the topic. How does your brand and audience feel about the topic?

Style: Style is about how your brand expresses itself. Is your brand formal or informal? Persuasive or exploratory?

A cohesive brand voice strengthens all marketing communications. Every patient touchpoint from marketing emails to social media posts is an opportunity to emulate brand identity.


Let’s take a look at how this notable healthcare organization establishes a brand voice.


Mayo Clinic is one of the world’s most trusted healthcare organizations. In fact, 73% of patients feel loyal to Mayo Clinic as their care provider.

One way they establish loyalty is by conveying a brand voice that is optimistic, confident, and accessible. These traits are aligned with its mission of inspiring hope and promoting health through integrated clinical practice, education and research. They leverage brand voice consistently across communications to connect with patients.

The character of Mayo Clinic could be described as an advisor. This character takes on different tones and styles based on the seriousness of the topic, but the voice remains the same.

Take this web ad as an example:


Image source

This advertisement is an excellent example of Mayo Clinic’s confident, optimistic, and accessible voice. The scene depicted is relatable, emphasizing accessibility. It demonstrates confidence in their ability to deliver effective care and an optimism that patients will return to the activities they love after treatment.

Mayo Clinic’s brand voice doesn’t begin and end with advertisements. It is consistent across all communications. Take this website excerpt for example.



The Bottom Line

Brand voice is critical in today’s healthcare world. It is invaluable to setting your organization apart and connecting with patients. Adopt a brand voice and watch your engagement, and ultimately, revenue soar.

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