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Are you struggling to effectively move patients through the care pathway? Chronic conditions are intimidating and can be overwhelming for many, but there are opportunities to influence patients differently, educate them meaningfully, and ultimately connect all members of the healthcare ecosystem successfully. It’s more than patient engagement — it’s a behavior change, and we can help.

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Marketing Services

From up front strategy to tactical execution and analytics, we provide a full suite of marketing services—allowing clients to utilize an enterprise solution.


ReadyPath™ Solution

Marketing services are integrated with configurable patient activation software for chronic conditions, powered by a robust SaaS, rules-based decision platform.


Our Approach

When it comes to connecting with your patients, we know it’s important to think bigger. We’re here to listen and help you reach your goals.

We define your audience

We focus on empathy and the psychology of decision making to help mitigate potential hurdles and objections. This provides the foundation for how to influence behavior in the care pathway.

We find the friction

We find the points of resistance in the customer experience. These typically take shape as gaps and misalignment of content or customer touch points — or both.

We speak their language

We help you deliver the right message with the right channel at the right moment. Our highly configurable technology provides more flexibility and control to deliver a variety of triggered communications and interactions to a wide range of audiences.

We know healthcare

We understand the regulated environment.
We understand the company’s role in the customer experience — and how to activate those customers.

How does Grayduck Health achieve better results?

Find out how a fortune-100 medical device manufacturer improved direct-to-patient communications and increased patient conversions with our ReadyPath technology.


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Patient Activation — the best kind of self help

There are a lot of buzz words out there when it comes to engaging with your patients. Discover the Grayduck Health point-of-view on what it means to truly activate patients.



We begin where you need us most — whether you are just getting started or you’re looking to refresh and expand, or you just want a partner that can do it all. Are you ready to get started?

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