RMI hones in on patient activation with Grayduck Health

Minneapolis, MN — January 14th, 2019 — RMI (RAZR Marketing Inc.) has announced the launch of Grayduck Health, its engagement technology and marketing services division for healthcare solutions. Focused on patient activation, Grayduck Health provides strategic planning, creative services, and uses proprietary technology to move patients from conservative treatments to advanced therapies.

“We’ve been serving some of the largest healthcare companies in the industry for years,” says RMI CEO Darren Nauss. “The launch of Grayduck Health is a signal to the market that we are deeply committed to addressing the unique challenges of driving patient activation inside of the healthcare ecosystem.” Nauss sees the opportunity to address the emotional side of decision-making for patients by leveraging technology to optimize the moments of truth inside the care pathway. “The technology platform enables us to treat different people differently across all channels by utilizing massive amounts of data and extensive decisioning without writing code.”

The Need

The healthcare industry knows it needs to empower patients to manage their health, but struggles to activate them sooner in the care pathway. People are not getting the therapies they need because they’re not actively engaged with their condition. Grayduck Health gives its clients the ability to address the unique characteristics of patients through tailored audience engagement and targeted communications, built with thoughtful strategy and great design.

The Solution

Powered by ReadyPath™, a SaaS-based eHealth decisioning platform that can be tailored to a variety of disease states, Grayduck Health offers configurable patient activation solutions for chronic conditions. Integrated with campaign management tools, ReadyPath sets user journey logic which informs how, what and when to communicate with patients and clinicians.

In addition to the software, Grayduck Health provides a full suite of marketing services giving clients an enterprise solution involving strategy, technology, and delivery.

The Experience

Grayduck Health understands healthcare and is well-versed in the regulated environment. Our work in highly-regulated industries requires data security know-how, and all the certifications, audits, rigor and compliance to back it up. Our data integrity standards allow no room for compromise on encryption protocols or data storage. For more information visit www.grayduckhealth.com.

The History

(RMI) RAZR Marketing, Inc. is a fast-growing engagement technology company headquartered in the Twin Cities. The company prides itself on a warm and welcoming culture of passion and pride, built by an eclectic group of fun-loving, smart people. What began in 2005 has greatly expanded across a spectrum of industries including healthcare, medical technology, financial services, and banking loyalty. RMI help companies establish meaningful connections with the audiences who drive their businesses.

RMI is the parent company of Grayduck Health, RAZR, and FluidNorth Technology, three divisions committed to improving customer engagement by applying marketing insight and tailored services to flexible decisioning technology.