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Engaging Patients with Chronic Conditions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Patients with chronic conditions are more at risk of severe illness. Learn how telemedicine and medical device companies can help.



Using Technology to Personalize The Patient Journey

The quality of care that patients receive in the doctor’s office is paramount, but if the care pathway is limited to in-office visits, patients can lose momentum between visits. Technology can be a factor for an improved patient journey.



Patient Activation — the best kind of self help

There are a lot of buzz words out there when it comes to engaging with your patients. Discover the Grayduck Health point-of-view on what it means to truly activate patients.


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  • RAZR Marketing, Inc. acquires two Minneapolis firms

    Two industry-leading technology and marketing services firms have joined forces to serve the world’s most impactful brands by leveraging audience-engagement technology, data-driven insights, and behavioral science. RAZR Marketing, Inc (RMI), a Minneapolis-based technology and consumer-engagement firm, has acquired MarketingLab and SellCheck.

  • RMI hones in on patient activation with Grayduck Health

    RMI (RAZR Marketing Inc.) has announced the launch of Grayduck Health, its engagement technology and marketing services division for healthcare solutions. Focused on patient activation, Grayduck Health provides strategic planning, creative services, and uses proprietary technology to move patients from conservative treatments to advanced therapies.

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