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The challenge

Recently, Grayduck Health worked with a fortune 100, medical device manufacturer who had a proven product portfolio, but many patients were unaware of advanced treatment options and the life-changing relief they could be experiencing.

Patient communications were one-size-fits-all with every patient getting the same information — despite their situation and circumstances. The company needed to start thinking differently about how they communicated, to whom, when, and where.

Grayduck Health proposed and executed upon the following:

  • Using data to cultivate response-driven communications
  • Moving towards direct-to-consumer marketing to create impact and loyalty earlier in the continuum
  • Building bite-sized content to be more specific in addressing patient needs at each stage of the journey
  • Developing an ecosystem of messaging to maximize patient outreach across multiple channels

A better experience

In order to deliver a more personal experience to patients, Grayduck Health paired strategic direct-to-patient marketing strategy with configurable technology to deliver it, which resulted in a significant change in the patient experience.

marketing approach iconMarketing


All customers were treated the same

  • Same messaging
  • Same support
  • Same journey


All patients are treated as individuals

  • Segmented audiences
  • Targeted messaging
  • Optimized communications

patient experience iconPatient


Singular campaigns for patient emails, Support. Print-only communications segmented only by condition and therapy, prospective and implanted patient type.


Integrated, segmented, modular, personalized communications — that are able to be continuously optimized.

patient data iconPatient


Very minimal, basic information was collected

  • Name
  • Address
  • Opt-in date


Data collected extends far beyond basic information

  • Demographics and income
  • Psychographics and emotion state
  • Condition history & diagnosis
  • Treating physician information
  • Information interests
  • Communication preferences
  • Journey stage
  • Past Treatments
  • Etc.

Activated patients

The re-focused and personalized approach to direct-to-patient marketing also improved results across the board. The business realized the following metrics:

Increased conversions


16.8% of new contacts move on to consider advanced therapies

Accelerated time-to-conversion


4 months from opt-in to implant.

Improved email engagement


63% unique open-rate for support emails

Ongoing support and insights

At every touchpoint, we’re getting smarter

Data-based insights provide a deepened understanding of our patient population and allow us to:

  • Resegment audiences
  • Optimize and develop new programs, campaigns, and messaging
  • Develop claims
  • Advise R&D strategy
  • Inform patient selection across portfolio technology


abstract image of data and insights

abstract image showing everyone on the same page

Everyone on the same page

Imagine being able to overlap patient data and insights with physician data to help keep doctors and clinicians aware of what patients are experiencing while also identifying opportunities to provide better support to physicians.

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