About Grayduck Health

Grayduck Health is the healthcare solutions division of RAZR Marketing, Inc. (RMI). We provide strategic planning, creative services, and use our own highly configurable, HIPAA-compliant technology to help move patients from conservative treatments to advanced therapies.


2005 — RMI (RAZR Marketing, Inc.)—a traditional marketing services and technology company is founded

2015 — RMI acquires Larsen, the award-winning strategic design agency

2018 — Grayduck Health is created as the healthcare-focused division of RMI

Why the name Grayduck Health?

We looked for a name that would playfully embrace our ability to uncover the unique qualities of an individual. We wanted something that spoke to our place in the world. As Grayduck, our mission is to give our customers the visibility and ability to address the unique characteristics of people, while keeping an eye out for rest of the flock.

We are passionate about improving the patient experience by activating patients to find and choose solutions that treat chronic conditions while preserving or improving quality of life.

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